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[texts]Desiderata of the herbarium for North America, north of Mexico : (Volume no.4) - Vasey, George, 1822-1893

Keywords: Plants; crop production
Downloads: 52
[audio]oxygen of nutrient solution
dr. david ehret talks about some conclusions he was able to come to through several studies
Keywords: hydroponic aeroponic oxygenation nutrient solution crop production
Downloads: 15
Soil information is a critical element in any agricultural venture. It often provides the missing link between assumptions and actuality in agricultural and non agricultural land use. A field study was carried out to assess the effects of poor application of soil information and the present level of soil information and utilization among small scale horticultural crop farmers in Ib were selected from two citrus orchards planted on suitable and marginally suitable soils based on available soil su...
Keywords: KEYWORDS: Soil information; horticultural crop production
Downloads: 120
[texts]A view of the cultivation of fruit trees - Coxe, William
Atlas [2nd ed.]
Keywords: plants; plant cultural practices; horticulture; horticultural crops; crop production
Downloads: 34
[texts]Dodder in relation to farm seeds (Volume no.306) - Hillman, F. H.

Keywords: Dodder; seed crop production; seed mixtures; weed control
Downloads: 8
[texts]Modeling methodology for assessing crop production potentials in Canada. (Volume 1983-12) - Stewart, R. B. (Reginald B.), 1938-
Bibliography: p. 28-29
Keywords: Agriculture; Crop yields; Agriculture; Cultures de plein champ; Crop production
Downloads: 78
[texts]Progress report on grass experiments - Texas Agricultural Experiment Station

Keywords: plants; plant cultural practices; forage crops; crop production
Downloads: 65
[texts]Canada bluegrass : its culture and uses (Volume no.402) - Oakley, R. A.

Keywords: Grasses; pasture plants; forage grasses; grasses; hay; harvesting; seed crop production; seed treatment; forage; seed collecting
Downloads: 9
[texts]The chalcis-fly in alfalfa seed (Volume no.636) - Urbahns, T. D.

Keywords: Bruchophagus; insect pests; seeds; cultural control; seed crop production; seed treatment
Downloads: 5
[texts]Sweet clover : harvesting and thrashing the seed crop (Volume no.836) - Coe, H. S.

Keywords: Sweet clover Harvesting; Melilotus albus; Melilotus officinalis; harvesting; seed crop production; seed shattering
Downloads: 7
[texts]The what and how of hybrid corn (Volume no.1744) - Richey, Frederick D.

Keywords: Hybrid corn; hybridization; genetic resources; hybrids; plant breeding; agronomic traits; seed collecting; seed crop production; crossing
Downloads: 5
[texts]Potato production in the South (Volume no.1205) - Stuart, William,

Keywords: Potatoes Southern States; potatoes; crop production; plant cultural practices; seed tubers; growing season; cultivars
Downloads: 4
[texts]Meadow fescue : its culture and uses (Volume no.361) - Vinall, H. N.

Keywords: Meadow fescue; plant cultural practices; seedbeds; crop production; plant diseases and disorders; plant pests; weeds; varieties; cultivars
Downloads: 12
[texts]Fall-sown oats (Volume no.1119) - Warburton, C. W.

Keywords: crop production; grain crops; Oats; small grains; plant cultural practices; varieties; seed treatment; crop rotation; harvesting; sowing date; sowing
Downloads: 12
[texts]An assessment of the association between agricultural production and land quality for regional planning. (Volume 1996-22) - Hiley, J

Keywords: Land capability for agriculture; Soil productivity; Agricultural conservation; Sols; Sols; Conservation des ressources agricoles; Crop production; Land use; Regional planning
Downloads: 126
[texts]Strawberry clover (Volume no.176) - Hollowell, E. A. (Eugene Amos)
Cover title
Keywords: Strawberry clover; Forage plants; center of origin; seedbed preparation; plant cultural practices; pasture plants; seed crop production; Trifolium fragiferum
Downloads: 69
[texts]Huron timothy (Volume no.99) - Evans, Morgan W. (Morgan William), 1879-
Cover title
Keywords: Timothy-grass; Timothy-grass; Forage plants; hay; varieties; variety trials; crop yield; seed crop production; Phleum pratense
Downloads: 49
[texts]A study of the value of crop rotation in relation to soil productivity (Volume no.1377) - Weir, Wilbert Walter, 1882-
Caption title
Keywords: Crop rotation; Soil productivity; crop rotation; fertilizers; yields; crop yield; crop production; soil productivity; long term experiments; research methods; land management; soil management; Rothamsted; experiment stations
Downloads: 32
[texts]Wildlife conservation through erosion control in the Piedmont (Volume no.1788) - Stevens, Ross O.

Keywords: Wildlife management Piedmont (U.S. : Region); Soil conservation Piedmont (U.S. : Region); piedmont; wildlife management; soil conservation; erosion control; land retirement; shrubs; seed crop production; sport hunting
Downloads: 5
[texts]Alfalfa seed production (Volume no.495) - Westgate, J. M.

Keywords: Alfalfa Seeds; seed crop production; seed productivity; plant cultural practices; crop yield; economic analysis; seed industry; seed collecting; seeds; seed storage; forage
Downloads: 6
[texts]Experiment station work, LIV : methods and costs of clearing land, gasoline-heated colony brooders, measuring acidity in cheese making and butter making, tobacco improvement work, calf feeding (Volume no.381)

Keywords: Agriculture United States; clearcutting; land use; agricultural land; agricultural machinery and equipment; cultivars; seed crop production; calf feeding; gas engines; brooders; poultry housing; acidity; cheesemaking; butter; heating systems
Downloads: 13
[texts]The home production of onion seed and sets (Volume no.434) - Beattie, W. R.

Keywords: Onions Seeds; Onion sets; bulbs; planting seed; seed crop production; seed collecting; harvesting; seed productivity; seed storage; insect pests; plant pests; cultivars; plant cultural practices
Downloads: 10
[texts]Experiment station work, LI : distance between corn hills, vetch hay and vetch silage for cows, the bursting of carnations, street trees, digestibility of kale, spraying for weeds, hulled corn, market classes and grades of sheep, mixing fat into dough (Volume no.360)

Keywords: Agriculture United States; crop production; street trees; arboriculture; plant cultural practices; spraying; weeds; standards and grades; hay; silage; cow feeding; digestibility; dough
Downloads: 13
[texts]Peanuts (Volume no.356) - Beattie, W. R.

Keywords: Peanuts; climatic factors; soil suitability; site preparation; agricultural machinery and equipment; fertilizers; planting seed; planting; plant cultural practices; harvesting; crop production; processing technology; cleaning; cultivars; varieties
Downloads: 11
[texts]Seed-flax production (Volume no.785) - Clark, Charles H.

Keywords: Flaxseed; oilseed crops; oilseeds; linseed; nonfood plant products; plant cultural practices; varieties; crop rotation; harvesting; seed crop production; seedbed preparation; planting seed
Downloads: 9
[texts]Horse beans (Volume no.969) - McKee, Roland,

Keywords: Fava bean; vegetable crops; forage crops; green manures; soil properties; climatic factors; sowing date; sowing; soil inoculation; tillage; harvesting; seed crop production; fungal diseases of plants; insect pests
Downloads: 9
[texts]Ways of making southern mountain farms more productive (Volume no.905) - Arnold, J. H.

Keywords: Farm management Southern States; crop rotation; livestock production; crop production; forage production; grain crops; farm management; farm planning; farm profitability; production economics; mountain soils
Downloads: 7
[texts]World trends in major oil crops (Volume no.54) - United States. Bureau of Agricultural Economics
Cover title
Keywords: specialty crops auto-assigned by category code plants auto-assigned by category code plant cultural practices auto-assigned by category code crop production auto-assigned by category code
Downloads: 26
[texts]The ryegrasses (Volume no.196) - Schoth, H. A. (Harry August), b. 1891
Cover title
Keywords: Ryegrasses; Forage plants; climatic factors; sowing; hay; pasture plants; forage crops; lawns and turf; seed crop production; Lolium; Lolium perenne; Lolium multiflorum
Downloads: 43
[texts]The timothy crop (Volume no.171) - Evans, Morgan W. (Morgan William), 1879-
Cover title
Keywords: Timothy-grass; Timothy-grass; Forage plants; hay; crop production; plant cultural practices; sowing; fertilizer application; harvesting; varieties; feed quality; nutritive value; Phleum pratense; plant cultural methods
Downloads: 37
[texts]Birdsfoot trefoil and big trefoil (Volume no.625) - McKee, Roland, 1880-
Caption title
Keywords: Big trefoil; Lotus corniculatus; plant physiology; chemical composition; planting seed; sowing; harvesting; forage production; forage crops; seed crop production; pasture plants; Lotus corniculatus; Lotus uliginosus
Downloads: 85
[texts]Experiment station work, XXXIV : American sugar-beet seed, indoor versus outdoor feeding of steers, stimulants for seeds, profits from spraying potatoes, roughage for steers, winter-injured fruit trees, cheap dairy rations, durum wheat, cotton-seed meal for hogs, fertility of eggs (Volume no.251)

Keywords: Agriculture United States; sugar beet; seed crop production; seed germination; alfalfa; forage quality; potatoes; spraying; winter hardiness; fruit trees; durum wheat; baking quality; breadmaking quality; wheat flour; egg fertility; cattle feeding; finishing; steers; cottonseed meal; swine; swine feeding
Downloads: 7
[texts]Human food from an acre of staple farm products (Volume no.877) - Cooper, Morton O.

Keywords: Agricultural productivity; yields; crop yield; grain yield; nutritive value; protein value; food composition; feed conversion; nutrient density; nutrient content; crop acreage; cropland harvested; cropland planted; crop production; livestock production; dietary nutrient sources; dietary recommendations; food production; plant density; subsistence farming
Downloads: 7
[texts]Seed corn (Volume no.1822) - Jenkins, Merle T.

Keywords: Corn Seeds; corn; Zea mays; seed crop production; open pollination; plant breeding; selection criteria; dryers; processing equipment; seed storage; storage equipment; seed germination; shelling; product grading; seed treatment; seed collecting
Downloads: 7
[texts]Experiment station work, LVII : a perfect stand of corn, fleshing horses for market, protection of seed corn, fertility and hatching of eggs, clover-seed production, marketing of eggs, home-grown feeds for hogs, cement silos (Volume no.405)

Keywords: Agriculture United States; plant cultural practices; crop yield; vertebrate pests; rodents; cover crops; hay; seed crop production; forage legumes; feeds; animal feeding; hatching; embryonic mortality; egg quality; poultry; silos; farm buildings; building construction; construction materials; forage; egg hatchability
Downloads: 11
[texts]Purple vetch (Volume no.967) - McKee, Roland,

Keywords: Vetch; climatic factors; plant physiology; forage crops; geographical distribution; hay; green manures; pasture plants; sowing; soil inoculation; direct seeding; limestone; calcium carbonate; harvesting; seed crop production; cleaning; seed productivity; yields; insect pollination; insect pests
Downloads: 4
[texts]Bean and pea weevils (Volume no.983) - Back, E. A.

Keywords: Bean-weevil; Cowpea weevil; Pea-weevil; Legumes Diseases and pests; insect pests; storage pests; storage insects; plant cultural practices; seed storage; seed predation; seed crop production; legumes; control methods; cultural control; fumigation; heat treatment; cowpeas; peas
Downloads: 4
[texts]The sorghum midge : with suggestions for control (Volume no.1566) - Gable, C. H.

Keywords: life cycle (organisms); Sorghum-midge Control; insect pests; midges; seasonal development; natural enemies; cultural control; planting date; host plants; plant pests; control methods; geographical distribution; prescribed burning; seed crop production
Downloads: 6
[texts]Experiment station work, L : commercial clover seed, coagulation of milk in cheese making, dodder in alfalfa seed, growing potatoes under straw, effect of alkali on cement structures, hens versus incubators, silo construction, preparing fowls for market, a cheap and effective sterilizer, preservation of eggs, a cheap and efficient ice box, the mound-building prairie ant, the power laundry for the farm (Volume no.353)

Keywords: chickens; Agriculture United States; seed crop production; planting seed; straw; incubators (equipment); food processing; poultry; eggs; food preservation; cheesemaking; milk clotting; coagulation; milk; alkalis; cement; agricultural structures and facilities; silos; building construction; sterilizers; cold storage; laundry; processing technology
Downloads: 14
[texts]Eradication of Bermuda Grass (Volume no.945) - Hansen, Albert A.

Keywords: Bermuda grass Control Southern States; pest identification; plant adaptation; soil properties; varieties; sod strips; pasture plants; hay; ground cover plants; seed crop production; weed control; intercropping; mixed cropping; grazing
Downloads: 6
[texts]Harvesting small grains and utilization of the straw (Volume no.66) - Brodell, Albert P. (Albert Perry), 1895-
Keywords: plants auto-assigned by category code plant cultural practices auto-assigned by category code field crops auto-assigned by category code crop production auto-assigned by category code agronomy auto-assigned by category code
Downloads: 26
[texts]Lespedeza (Volume no.100) - Pieters, A. J
Cover title
Keywords: Lespedeza; Soil conservation; Forage plants; Pasture plants; Lespedeza as feed; hay; plant cultural practices; pasture plants; soil quality; seed crop production; Lespedeza cuneata; Kummerowia stipulacea; Kummerowia striata; cultural methods; dodder; Kobe; Tennessee No. 76
Downloads: 47
[texts]Crotalaria, a new legume for the South (Volume no.137) - McKee, Roland, 1880-
Caption title
Keywords: Sunn hemp; legumes; plant physiology; feed quality; forage quality; poisonous plants; green manures; ornamental value; crop-weed competition; chemical composition; seed storage; sowing; crop production; harvesting; forage crops; crop yield; seed crop pro
Downloads: 119
[texts]The soy bean : its culture and uses (Volume no.973) - Morse, W. J.

Keywords: Soybean; climatic factors; soil properties; seedbeds; fertilizers; soil inoculation; planting date; planting; sowing; tillage; varieties; crop rotation; intercropping; mixed cropping; seed crop production; nutritive value; food crops; feeds; oil crops; soybean meal; production economics; straw; hay; forage; pasture plants; silage; soil quality; plant pests
Downloads: 4
[texts]Experiment station work, XXXVIII : loss of nitrogen from soils, treatment of calf scours, manure as affected by food, preserving eggs, continuous corn culture, wheat bran, pasturing wheat, testing individual cows, storage of sweet potatoes, clean milk, rotting of potatoes in storage, cleanliness in the dairy, hog cots, grading cream, the disinfection of stables, paraffin in dairying, the effect of horsetail weeds on horses (Volume no.273)

Keywords: Agriculture United States; nitrogen; soil nutrient balance; animal manures; nutrient content; feed quality; crop production; cover crops; forage crops; storage technology; swine housing; animal housing; disinfection; diarrhea; eggs; food preservation; wheat bran; herd improvement; milk quality; dairy industry; sanitation; product grading; cream; paraffin wax; dairies
Downloads: 7
[texts]Growing and feeding grain sorghums (Volume no.1764) - Martin, John H.

Keywords: Sorghum; Sorghum as feed; grain sorghum; sweet sorghum; plant physiology; seed crop production; seed treatment; crop rotation; seedbed preparation; sowing; planting; planting date; tillage; irrigation; harvesting; plant diseases and disorders; smut diseases; rust diseases; plant rots; insect pests; forage composition; feed quality; sorghum silage; grinding; pasture plants; feed rations; Sorghum bicolor; Sorghum bicolor subsp. drummondii
Downloads: 4
[texts]Experiment station work, LIX : tillage v. sod mulch in orchards, blackleg of the Irish potato, ear characters of seed corn, progress in horse breeding, seed disinfection, sweet potatoes (Volume no.419)

Keywords: Agriculture United States; orchards; live mulches; cover crops; tillage; weed control; seed crop production; seed quality; plant breeding; seed treatment; small grains; seed-borne diseases; bacterial diseases of plants; plant rots; animal breeding; food preparation; cooking; recipes; seed collecting; Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum
Downloads: 10
[texts]Red clover (Volume no.455) - Westgate, J. M.

Keywords: Red clover; seeds; seedbeds; fertilizer application; sowing; root inoculation; plant cultural practices; hay; pasture plants; forage legumes; feeds; crop rotation; seed crop production; harvesting; straw; pollinating insects; species differences; insect pests; plant pests; weeds; fungal diseases of plants; plant diseases and disorders; planting seed; insect pollination; companion crops
Downloads: 14
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